Trina Sinclair is a supporting character featured in the 2000 werewolf film Ginger Snaps. Played by actress Danielle Hampton, she is a bully and rival to Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald.

History[edit | edit source]

Trina went to visit Sam at his van that she had a crush on him but sam dislike her afternoon and found him with the Fitzgerald sisters Trina's dog, sensing snarling at her and Ginger ultimately kicked the animal in the face. Trina took her frustration out on them on the field hockey field. She violently pushed Brigitte down again, but this time Ginger did more than just give her a stern warning. Ginger flew into a rage and pounced on the girl, brutally pummeling her in the face until the gym coach was able to separate them.

Later, Trina's dog turned up missing. Trina went to their house and accusing Ginger of stealing the dog. As it was, the sisters were actually innocent in this, but it didn't stop Ginger from grabbing Trina in a headlock and dragging her inside the house. Brigitte tried to get her sister to stop, but Ginger kept torturing her until she vomited. Trina managed to scoop up a steak knife and waved it in front of the sisters. As she lunged towards them, she slipped in a puddle of spilled milk and fell backwards. Her head slammed against the corner of the counter-top causing a fatal blow. Ginger and Brigitte hid Trina's body inside a freezer, but were later forced to relocate it. While trying to remove it, Brigitte accidentally broke off two of Trina's frozen fingers. They extradited the rest of the body from the ice and buried it elsewhere.

The next day, her father placed missing persons' posters all over the town and school. The sisters found out about this.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The character of Trina Sinclair was created by director and screenwriter John Fawcett as well as Karen Walton.
  • It remains unclear exactly what happened to Trina's dog. If the Fitzgerald sisters did in fact steal it, there is no indication of it in the film. The dog may have also been attacked by Jason McCardy who, like Ginger, suffered the curse of lycanthropy as well.
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