The Beast is an unnamed werewolf who relentlessly stalks Brigitte Fitzgerald in Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed. His approach to Brigitte coincides with Brigitte's werewolf transformation.

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

All that is known about the Beast's origin is he is a transformed male. It is unknown who the werewolf is, and his exact motivations for stalking Brigitte while avoiding other targets are unknown, but Brigitte assumes that it plans to mate with her only.

Stalking Brigitte[edit | edit source]

The Beast has been tracking Brigitte for some time after her run-away from her family home in Bailey Downs. It successfully finds her at a low-end hotel chain where she was residing, and Ginger warns Brigitte of the Beast successfully finding her. The Beast attacks Jeremy and kills him while Jeremy was trying to help bring an escaping Brigitte to the hospital after she experiences overdose symptoms.

The werewolf continued to track Brigitte after she was brought to the Happier Times Care Clinic. A few days afterwards, the werewolf successfully tracks down Brigitte, shown when Ghost's dog Rocky is found dead and mutilated and when Ghost tells Brigitte that she found the corpse in the disused crematorium section of the hospital.

The werewolf attacks and kills Beth-Ann after Brigitte accidently discovers her in the abandoned section of the hospital. He is stopped after Ghost lights a match and the fire stops him in the crematorium.

Werewolf (GS2) Stalking Brigitte.jpg

After Ghost and Brigitte escape to Barbara's house, the werewolf continues to track Brigitte. The Beast kills Tyler after he was locked outside by Brigitte. Later, when Alice tries to take away Ghost, the werewolf howls and breaks a nearby window and decides to directly engage with Brigitte.

Death[edit | edit source]

The werewolf is killed during a struggle with Brigitte, after she pushes the werewolf down into the basement of Barbara's house and is impaled on a set of sharp objects.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The werewolf has a toned appearance, with white, light gray, and black fur with a white face. This departs from the hairless werewolf seen in Ginger Snaps.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The Beast serves as an unwanted stalker to Brigitte, who actively resists the sexual urges brought on by the lycanthropy transformation. Brigitte's efforts to escape the werewolf are useless, as the Beast always manages to successfully track her. Unlike the first film, where Sam, who Brigitte trusts, attempts to get to know and befriend her by searching for her until he finds her name, the Beast relentlessly tracks Brigitte down, but the Beast had malicious intentions.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though not explicitly stated where the werewolf came from, the werewolf is supposedly another male who had transformed. His human self is never seen, but he is speculated to be Jason; however, the film makers have stated that it is not Jason- Sam is seen killed in Ginger Snaps, but he might have survived and transformed. See Fan Theories for additional details.
  • The Beast's success in tracking Brigitte appears to coincide with the level of Brigitte's transformation (and also coincidentally with Brigitte achieving adolescence). It is unknown what town Brigitte had run away to, but it is assumed that if she had gone by foot, she could not have made it very far. The Beast took several days to successfully find Brigitte, and as Brigitte's transformation accelerates, the Beast manages to find her more quickly.

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