Brigittewolf is the informal name given to Brigitte Fitzgerald after she fully transforms into a werewolf.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Although not seen in the second film where her lycanthropy transformation is examined in greater detail, it is assumed that where Brigitte acquires grotesque physical changes and is seen developing werewolf physical changes, these details parallel Ginger Fitzgerald's full transformation into Gingerwolf in the first film. It is unknown what Brigittewolf looks like in full transformation form, but judging on the differences between the werewolf design from the almost hairless, naked werewolf in the first film to the grey, fully-coated werewolf in the second film, it cannot be fully concluded Brigittewolf's design.

Notes[edit | edit source]

From the character infobox:

Age: Brigittewolf is strictly several weeks old from the time of infection to full blown transformation into a werewolf, but when including the age of the affected human, then the werewolf is 15 years of age.

Place of birth: Brigittewolf is developed from an infection of a live Brigitte Fitzgerald, who converts into a werewolf.

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